“Zion National Park: Canyon of Light”

This is a section of a large collection of peaks known as the “Towers of the Virgin.”  This collection includes the West Temple, the Sundial, the Altar of Sacrifice, and Meridian Tower.  Some claim they can see the shrouded figure of the Virgin Mary on the face of the central peak.  This was a sunrise exploration.

The “Weeping Wall,” (below) is where groundwater, that has seeped 2,000 feet through sandstone from Echo Canyon, emerges to create a dripping wall. The “weeping” water was photographed in an alcove to allow a view of the lush vegetation behind the water.



  1. What a beautiful composition! You captured all of the elements in one view, even the sun sneaking in the top corner. If I use my imagination I can hear the drops of water returning back to the canyon floor. Thanks for pointing out amazing journey the water made to reemerge and bring life to plants depending on that steady source. I have always marveled at seeing water escaping from a high mountainside, wondering how such a thing can happen. Your following two pictures show what happens as the water source diminishes, especially the last one where the shrubs are struggling to survive. Our lives can sometimes be like that, where we may find ourselves parched from a culture that tries to disrupt our source of “living water”. Thanks for your sharing your gift of vision and perspective with your friends!

    • Lowell, your comment is thoughtful and heartfelt. It is quite the experience when someone is truly moved and feels emotion from a photograph. I am honored by your comments and the life lessons the images convey to you.

      I so appreciate you as a person and friend.

  2. Love, Love, Love this one….I can feel myself there! Your work is magical!

  3. I love how you captured the rainfall, (thanks to the sunlight). It reminds me of a few hikes I’ve taken, and stepped aside/inside for a few moments, and just watched the wonder of it all.

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