1. Beautiful pictures as always Veronika. I love the puppies! Adorable! You capture their personality.
    I love all your photos. I hope all is well with your town and that you are getting back to normal, if that is possible.

    • Thanks, Gretchen, for your kind words. The progress for our town is slow and we are learning how resilient we are as a community. It certainly is character-building for the soul. I am so glad that you still enjoy my photography after all these years. Please send my love to Corey.

    • And, I love to photograph them. It is definitely a joyful experience.

  2. Those huskie puppies are really cute. Are they yours..quite a brood. Best wishes, Veronika. Sorry you suffered so much flood damage..it certainly affected a lot of people!!! LaVern

    • Hi LaVern – No, the puppies are not mine. They belong to a very good friend who helped me (and my beloved Nikki) when we were evacuated during the flood. So, the opportunity to photograph them is very special to me.

  3. So adorable. Nikki is still the beauty queen. Wouldn’t she like a sibling? If I had the energy I’d be tempted.

    • Yes, my beloved Nikki is the “Beauty Queen” for sure.

    • Yes, yes indeed! Photographing puppies is pure joy.

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