“Twin Souls”

These trees represent strength of character to me.  They are twin souls, standing tall, facing the elements and receiving support from each other.  This post is dedicated to “2” sets of twins very dear to me:  Sydney & Mia and Liam & Logan.  May you always support each other throughout your lives.  Love each other and develop your unique potential.  The world awaits your contribution.



  1. What will they contribute? I wonder so much about their adult lives and what they are destined to do…Although they bicker and compete for attention, you can already see the bond between them. For example, we “tried” to have them experience their first New Years Eve,leaving them to sleep on the couch next to us until it was time to awaken them for the ball to drop…Rubbing her eyes, not knowing exactly what was happening, Mia asked, “Where’s Mommy?” “Where’s Syd?” These two will remain important to one another forever. How wonderful is that?

  2. I truly believe that there are special souls on the planet who have a destiny to guide humanity toward humanity. It would not surprise me if my special twins have such a soul destiny. I am so blessed to be in their presence and world.

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