“Tundra Light”

Glory is the only word that I can use to describe these photographs taken in the Tundra at Rocky Mountain National Park – over 12,000 feet high.  What a way to start your day!  Yes, there I am – below – basking in the glory of nature’s magnificence and trying my best to capture each magical moment.  Notice my winter attire in July-August as this is land of intense contrast.



  1. A special picture of a special friend. Who knew, that after 34 years of moving in different directions, that we would make a re-connection that would take ourselves to the tundra, over 12,000 feet, at 5:00am, bundled in winter apparel, crafting pictures of the mystical beauty of a sunrise? Can’t wait to do it again!

  2. How is it possible that you look younger now, Veronika, than you did five years ago? Those beautiful mountains are clearly a source of serenity. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You have captured God’s creation and shown us God’s love in these pictures. Thank you!

    • Wow- that means a lot to me, Jan. I hope that you are well, too.

  3. Veronika-
    So much beauty! I love your compositions and the way you can show the colorr.
    My favorite however has to be your picture. It took me back to Tim Cooper’s class in Zion.
    Glad to see you are well and out there doing what you love.

    • Great reminder of a wonderful class with Tim and wonderful people.

  4. V-
    Those photos along w/ your beautiful words are spectacular!
    What a wonderful way to start your day…. Hiking and shooting photos in the mountains of Colorado!
    You have such a talent for capturing the beauty of nature.

    • I know that you love nature so your kind words mean a lot.

  5. It is a joy to see your wonderful photos! I just keep breathing ahhhhh. And so good to see the lovely shot of you! BEST.

    • Wow – and it so great to hear from you, Susan. I hope all is well.

  6. Great! A photo of you Veronika doing what you love and what speaks to your heart and I am grateful for all of us who get to view your amazing photography , thank you…

    • I have received a lot of comments regarding “my” photo. I may have to do it more often.

  7. Love the photo of you with camera and tripod. Brings back many wonderful memories. The lighting in the tundra is exceptional; what and incredible place to be. Tundra Light one of my very favorites. Well done, my friend. Judy

    • Yes, many memories. I hope that you can visit again soon.

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