“The Joy of Childhood”

It has been an absolute pleasure photographing these beautiful puppies and trying to capture their unique personalities.  However, it was a challenge as they run in every direction very quickly, collide like bumper cars and stay in one place momentarily.  Technically, for most photographs, I did use a high shutter speed to freeze the action and an F-stop at 5.6 or lower to blur the background.  Also, I tried to stay as low to the ground as possible to be eye level with their eyes.  A few times, I sat on the ground to be eye-level with them.  However, within moments, I had one playing tug-of-war with my shoe lace; one eating the lace on my shorts; one pulling at my tee-shirt; one grabbing my camera strap – and one or two just jumping in my lap.  At any rate, I hope that photographs have provided you with some entertainment during your day.  Most importantly, I hope that they have reminded you of the joy of childhood.  For me, the experience has also been introspective as I was inspired to ask myself the following questions…

  • Do you remember playing?
  • Do you remember being spontaneous?
  • Do you remember life without responsibility?
  • Do you remember life without meetings?
  • Do you remember the joy of movement?
  • Do you remember “being ” without the perception of judgment?
  • Do you remember the memories of family?
  • Do you remember curiosity?

Thank you, sweet puppies.  I wish you all a great life in your new homes with many blessings.


  1. I love this collection of photos! Husky puppies are probably one of the very best things created! I love how you have captured their joy and wonder….even when we are only seeing their little behinds!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!

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