“The Intimate Landscape”

Here are additional photographs of the intimate landscape of tundra flowers.   It is July and the flowers are a spectacular array of color in the tundra environment.   Since it is very windy in the tundra, macro photography is quite the challenge.  It was probably around 30 degrees the morning that I photographed these flowers.  The top featured image is a medley of Western Wallflower, Alpine Phlox and Moss Campion.   The image in this post is Dwarf Clover.  Enjoy! _DSC1629-copy


  1. Veronica, this is amazing! The colors are so vivid, I can only imagine how great it would be to surround yourself with this… You take photos that are so expansive and provide a true view and sense of the beauty of our world..Thank you

    • To me, it is amazing that these flowers can grown in this harsh environment.

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