“The Heart of Volunteers – Lyons Strong”

I have never experienced a national disaster personally – until the September 11th flood in Lyons, CO.  It changed my town; it changed my life.  The news coverage  lasted several days or weeks.  However, the recovery process lasts months and years.  I did not realize the amount of work involved for a town to re-create itself.  The meetings are seemingly endless.  The conversations are very long.  The dedication of town officials, Board members and average residents is a live rendition of active citizenship.  Everyone is a volunteer giving their time and energy during this process.  It reflects a spirit of love for town, home and community that is a remarkable journey. 

In addition to being somewhat overwhelmed with all of the recovery work, the visual of the devastation is very sad and difficult to view each day.  Ultimately, my photography is helping me and supporting me with my perspective.  I have made a commitment see beauty each day – even if it is in a pile of debris or rubble.  My mantra has become the philosophy that I have always believed in:  “What am I choosing to focus on?”  I must focus on the beautiful and see the beautiful as we make slow and steady progress.  I must remember each day, with respect, all of the volunteers working and dedicating their endless time toward progress.

On some level are hearts are broken.  On another level, our hearts are strong and resilient.  So, I dedicate this blog post to anyone who has experienced a national disaster or extreme trauma – especially the volunteers helping the town of Lyons.  I honor your perseverance.


  1. I am so glad things are starting to recover in Lyons. I think of you often and am happy to see the website up and running. Sending peace and love.

    • I appreciate your comment on my blog and thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes, Jeanne. I will be visiting CT in June and hope that we will connect for a “3 Rivers Dog Park” reunion.

      • Sorry to hear about this terrible hurdle in your life and evidently I am really late in sending my thoughts. I always pray for you and luv the way you focus on what’s really important ……….God Bless Douggie Wouggie 🙂

        • Hi Douggie Wouggie,
          I am so thrilled to hear from you and your good thoughts and prayers are providing special love to the community of Lyons as well as myself. I send special love to your beloved family.

  2. K sent me one of your cards when our elder husky Therapy Dog died. Beautiful! We hope to get one of these puppies.

    • Hi Marcia – I am really sorry for your loss as I have also experienced the passing of a “best friend and loyal companion.” It really aches… However, congratulations on getting one of these puppies. The entire group is quite the crew and a joy to be with as they frolic and play.

  3. I really enjoy your comments about being in the present and enjoying it.

    • Thanks, Joe. Yes, we must remember to be present as it is a much healthier way to live. I really appreciate your comment on my blog, too.

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