“Cold and Colorful”



I think most of my east coast friends are very ready for winter to end as they experience yet another snow storm on the first day of spring.  However, I wanted to capture the elements of winter in their glory and color.  Remember, spring and rebirth is coming…really…

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“Ice Sparkles”



Winter is here.  Look around you and appreciate the patterns and textures of the natural formations of nature created by the cold weather.  These ice structures were found in Rocky Mountain National Park on the Roaring River.  They are both solid and delicate at the same time and they reflect light and uniqueness – just like us.

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“Holiday Spirit”

Certain artistic compositions naturally reflect the holiday spirit.  Here is a beautiful image taken at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The park has natural great vistas, however, sometimes we see uniqueness and a reminder of true intentions for a holiday with the small and simple beauty around us.  Enjoy nature’s wreath in its natural environment.


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