“Nature Photography and History”

“Tomboy Mine”

Several years ago, I visited Telluride and did a jeep tour into the backcountry.  The remains of the Tomboy Mine fascinated me and I was inspired to find out more about the early life of the people in the mining town of Tomboy.  Consequently, I found a wonderful book in the local Telluride bookstore.  The title is “Tomboy Bride:  A Woman’s Personal Account of Life in Mining Camps of the West” by Harriet Fish Backus.  This is a great read for anyone interested in history, the beauty of our land and the role of women in early pioneer days.  My travels have taught me that inspirational nature photography comes in many forms.  The beauty of the land can motivate us to honor our country and the integrity of our heritage.  For additional fine art prints, please visit my gallery at www.PeacemakersArt.com and also read my inspirational writings in my fine art note card gallery and motivational poster gallery.  All of my writings have been inspired by nature. 

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