“Shapes and Textures”

Sometimes the common and ordinary visuals around us can be extraordinary to behold.  The featured photograph for this post is a pool of water in Glacier National Park.  The rock-boulders below were found in Missoula, Montana.  Choose to really look around your world and enjoy the shapes and textures of your home, your town – the earth, life and living.



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“Shapes … the Heart and the Triangle”

Looking for shapes and geometric designs in nature enhances the composition of any photograph.  Observe  and notice the environment and life around you.  Your keen observations will not only allow you to appreciate the beauty around you  more but also the magnificence of creation. 

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Dense fog embraced the landscape after a full day of rain.  Therefore, I shifted my photographic intention to emphasize shapes and design.  I ultimately converted my images to black and white to convey a sense of mystery created by the atmospheric conditions.  I love the fact that one can still see the image of one of the arches and its window into eternity in the above photograph.


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