“Responsibility or Response-ability?”

When we think of the word, the trait, the quality of responsibility, its definition usually refers to one’s conduct and obligations toward others or a project.  Rarely do we define  responsibility as the ability to respond with integrity for the self.  The ability to choose responses in situations has many benefits.  It reduces stress, it empowers the self to create choices and it allows one to feel a sense of internal control when confronted with conflict.

Think about this scenario.  A situation presents itself and you react with anger.  The same situation presents itself again in a different environment and you react with anger again.  Ultimately, you might feel guilty for your behavior and apologize or you just experience multiple days filled with anger.  Does this pattern of automatic responses sound familiar?  Do you ever ask “What makes me react this way?”  “Why do I behave this way?”  “What makes me feel emotionally drained all the time?”

Response patterns can be automatic and based on previous experiences that one keeps projecting into new situations.  The key to change is what I call the “choice-point opportunity.”  This is the conscious moment when one becomes aware of over-reaction or anger-filled emotions projected into a situation.  Once one becomes conscious of this moment, the ability to change behavior in situations that provoke anger and cause conflict can be resolved.  With this conscious awareness comes the realization that you can choose a different behavior.

Think about this scenario.  A situation presents itself that normally provokes anger within you.  Instead of reacting with anger, you recognize the situation as anger-provoking for you.  This awareness gives you choice and a new opportunity to respond differently in that moment.  This moment of awareness is your gift.  It is the moment for a new choice concerning behavior.  This is an evolution of your consciousness to a new level of higher order thinking and provides you with the opportunity to respond to a situation with choice.  Consequently, your ability to do so is both personally and socially responsible.

Take control of your life and practice response-ability toward yourself.  Become your own hero on your journey and quest toward self-awareness and inner peace.

About the author:  H. Veronika Gaia is a teacher, writer and nature photographer.  She believes that every person can make a difference in our world and that PeacemakersArt.com provides opportunities for you to make your contribution by purchasing with a purpose.  Veronika sells inspirational nature photography art as greeting cards, motivational posters and fine art prints with peaceful intentions for self awareness, human potential and community service.  Please visit her website at http://www.PeacemakersArt.com/.

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