“Scenic Wonder”


The featured photograph is a walk in the snow around Bear Lake in RMNP.  The above photograph conveys the wonderment of the mountains on the trail to Gem Lake.  These images make me breathe and relax.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us,

the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

~~Rachel Carson

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“Tundra Snowscape”


I actually photographed these images in late August at sunrise in the Tundra at Rocky Mountain National Park.  It had snowed the night before – the roads were icy – and it was very, very cold and windy.  I barely was able to open the car door when I reached the top of Trail Ridge Road.  At over 12,000 feet high, within minutes, I could barely move my fingers to hold my camera and photograph even though I was wearing gloves and multiple layers of clothing.  It was another experience that reminded me to behold the beauty around me and, at the same time, to respect the environment.

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“Peak Experience”


I am constantly amazed by the beauty of the mountains and the constant change that occurs with the interplay of light and weather throughout the day.  Moments of brilliance are spontaneous in nature and the keen eye can capture these as internal memories or photographic art.

“It is the unexpected, hit or miss impulse.

These strange accidents, this surrealistic serendipity, 

out of which great photographs are born.”

~Carolyn Kenmore

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“Longs Peak in Fall Glory”

Longs Peak is the tallest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park as it is over 14,000 feet high.  It is the center focus of the park and can be viewed for various locations.  The featured photograph is the fall view from Moraine Park.  The below views were taken at Beaver Meadows.  Of course, my favorite is my beloved Nikki in awe of the majestic glory.



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“Black and White”


Like most people, I started with black and white photography.  I developed my own film and printed my own black and white photographs in my make-shift darkroom.  Of course, Ansel Adams was my hero.  

Photography has evolved and a dark room is no longer necessary.  These images were created as color digital photographs.  I did a conversion of the colors to black, white and shades of grey with photoshop.  It was a great reminder of the contrast created with various tones and shadows in a photograph.  In a sense, the range of tones from black through the shades of grey to white are a collaboration – just like life.  Sometimes our beliefs are so strong that we can only see an issue in terms of black or white.  By not being open to perceive the tones of grey in an issue are missed opportunities for collaboration and negotiation.  So, I acknowledge the peacemakers who have the wisdom to honor the shades of contrast during conflict or difficult decision-making.

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