“Chasing Bubbles”

Remember the husky puppies?  Well, here are two of them at age 6 months.  “Zane” is chasing bubbles and is quite delighted with himself with each capture in his mouth.  When he chases bubbles, he jumps, he leaps and is quite agile.  In the below  photograph, it is quite noticeable that he looks very much like my beloved Nikki – a red/white husky with amber color eyes.  His brother, “Wiley,” is below and has distinct speckled coloring around his eyes.  Both “boys”  are so middle school in nature:  lots of energy, constant running and very rambunctious.  _DSC9427


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“The Joy of Childhood”

It has been an absolute pleasure photographing these beautiful puppies and trying to capture their unique personalities.  However, it was a challenge as they run in every direction very quickly, collide like bumper cars and stay in one place momentarily.  Technically, for most photographs, I did use a high shutter speed to freeze the action and an F-stop at 5.6 or lower to blur the background.  Also, I tried to stay as low to the ground as possible to be eye level with their eyes.  A few times, I sat on the ground to be eye-level with them.  However, within moments, I had one playing tug-of-war with my shoe lace; one eating the lace on my shorts; one pulling at my tee-shirt; one grabbing my camera strap – and one or two just jumping in my lap.  At any rate, I hope that photographs have provided you with some entertainment during your day.  Most importantly, I hope that they have reminded you of the joy of childhood.  For me, the experience has also been introspective as I was inspired to ask myself the following questions…

  • Do you remember playing?
  • Do you remember being spontaneous?
  • Do you remember life without responsibility?
  • Do you remember life without meetings?
  • Do you remember the joy of movement?
  • Do you remember “being ” without the perception of judgment?
  • Do you remember the memories of family?
  • Do you remember curiosity?

Thank you, sweet puppies.  I wish you all a great life in your new homes with many blessings.

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“The 6 Pack @ 7 Weeks”

Yes, the puppies are “7” weeks old already.  I have one more week to photograph them before they are placed in their permanent homes.  It is difficult to photograph all “6” together as they are running and playing like bumper cars.  Their young lives are filled with curiosity which is a joy to behold.  After their playtime, they literally collapse and fall asleep.  Needless to say, this is a pleasure to both photograph and experience.  Enjoy!

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