“Zion National Park: Canyon of Light”

This is a section of a large collection of peaks known as the “Towers of the Virgin.”  This collection includes the West Temple, the Sundial, the Altar of Sacrifice, and Meridian Tower.  Some claim they can see the shrouded figure of the Virgin Mary on the face of the central peak.  This was a sunrise exploration.

The “Weeping Wall,” (below) is where groundwater, that has seeped 2,000 feet through sandstone from Echo Canyon, emerges to create a dripping wall. The “weeping” water was photographed in an alcove to allow a view of the lush vegetation behind the water.


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“Longs Peak in Fall Glory”

Longs Peak is the tallest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park as it is over 14,000 feet high.  It is the center focus of the park and can be viewed for various locations.  The featured photograph is the fall view from Moraine Park.  The below views were taken at Beaver Meadows.  Of course, my favorite is my beloved Nikki in awe of the majestic glory.



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Fall is a time of season transition.  The color still reminds us of the warmth of summer and the process of seasonal change reminds us of the living constant of change, transition and transformation.  Life is a journey and one’s path can be a difficult challenge.  However, our moments of success can be our own mountaintop.   Do not fear change; do not fear personal growth.  Walk the path with courage to and toward your own potential.  

I wrote the following many years ago.  I hope that you find it inspirational as your proceed with your own moments of change, transition and transformation.

Potential is the greatness that you are.

You are here for a reason.

Live and share your contribution.


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Recently, a friend sent me an anonymous quote that had a unique definition of PEACE.  It indicated that peace is not necessarily being free from disturbance.  Instead, it is “being calm” in the midst of choas, in the midst of disharmony.

This sunrise was taken of Mt. Massive in Twin Lakes, CO, during the fall.  It reminds me of hope to begin anew, to find the light and good in each day and to honor the sacred landscape around us.  May this image be a visual reminder for you to “be” PEACE in your everyday living, everyday stress, everyday experience. This is my offering to you this day, this morning.


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“September in Colorado #3”

aspens in colorado

I am from the east coast and when I moved to Colorado, I wondered if I would miss the fall foliage of Connecticut and the New England area.  To my surprise, I have fallen in love with the aspens and enjoy the bright color.  They make a mountain look quite joyful and happy – just to be.  Since the sky was less interesting in this photograph, notice that I have reduced it to a small segment of the photograph.  Nature and photography are a wonderful combination for visual impact.  Enjoy!

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“September in Colorado #1”


I was able to do a fall excursion in Colorado with my sister.  We traveled to Leadville, Twin Lakes, Independence Pass, Aspen and Buena Vista.  I could not resist sharing some of my photographs with the golden aspens in bloom and the magnificence of the 14,000 high mountains.  All of these landscape photographs were taken with a tripod and high F-stop (F-16) for maximum depth of field.  Of course, lighting with nature photography is of the essence and I was blessed one morning with nice cloud formations for a special effect.


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