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I am a former teacher and, due to Facebook and other avenues of networking, several students from many years past have contacted me recently.  I have been overwhelmed with their comments and memories of our experiences together.  The teaching profession is not one for immediate gratification.  Teachers give of themselves entirely in the hopes of inspiring just one student to achieve potential.  Most teachers complete their tenure never really knowing the impact of lives touched.  So, I offer this image as dedication to all teachers and to my students who have recently renewed contact.  Thank you so much.  I am so proud of all of you and I celebrate all of you with a new day of beauty.  My wish is true health and happiness and I send you my special love.


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“My Personal Heroes”

McDonald’s Creek

It is time for high school graduation ceremonies and I wanted to take time to acknowledge my former high school students who remained as middle school advisors for community service this year. When I retired from teaching last year, I was unsure if my middle school community service program would continue. However, my high school juniors decided to dedicate their senior year to working with a “new” teacher to assist her throughout the school year. To me, this was amazing and I am honored and humbled by their acts of kindness and dedication to service. So, I wanted to use this public forum to share my respect, honor and love for each of “my” high school students.

So, to all of you, this is my graduation speech for you…

I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and please know that you will always have a special place in my heart. You are my personal heroes and a constant reminder to me of the far-reaching effects of compassion. I am so clear now that the people you serve receive your love and you are empowered by the experience of making a difference in our world with your actions. Ultimately, just as powerful, are the observers of your service. We, who look at your actions for the good with awe at your incredible aliveness, are blessed a hundred-fold observing your actions of love. We become inspired. We become hopeful. We become whole with humanity. You change our actions for the good by being role models for us.

I have always called you the peacemakers of the world as you are our future leaders. It was all of you who inspired the name of my inspirational art photography endeavor – PeacemakersArt.com. So, to each of you, I send you my love forever and my admiration for your integrity to “be” the change in the world that will bring peace.

With special love,

Ms. Gaia

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