“Celebrate Spring”

These are daffodils standing in their glory.  Their beauty and color brings joy and aliveness to my soul.  It has been a long and challenging fall and winter season across our nation. Many states have experienced unusual floods, tornadoes and bitter cold with extraordinary amounts of snow.  So, we must look around and celebrate the flowers now blossoming around us.  Their magical beauty and color are a welcome site.

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“In Loving Memory…Nikki, Essence of Love”

Nikki, Essence of Love

Sometimes nature photography can be about the nature of relationship.  With this photograph, I wish to acknowledge the relationship between myself and my beloved husky, Nikki.  Her recent passing is still a source of extreme grief for me as I feel that I have lost my child and best friend.  So, with deep love, I share the following tribute for my beloved companion:

To my kindred spirit, friend and loyal companion…

Your beauty amazes me.

Your courage inspires me.

Your journey here on earth provided love, healing, compassion and joy.

You have touched hearts, and live in hearts, forever.

We are one.  We are one.

Nikki, you are so loved.  

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Soul Essence

Soul EssenceThis is one of my favorite nature photographs. People are always commenting about the backlit essence of the leaves. Many think that it is frost. However, this photograph was taken early evening during the summer and the setting sun behind the leaves highlighted its tiny hairs. I prefer to call this “Soul Essence” because one can see the true radiance of life that is displayed. You can view a larger image of this photograph in my
fine art prints gallery and my inspirational note card gallery located on my website PeacemakersArt.com.

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