“Taos Pueblo – St. Jerome Church”

I recently returned from a “Road Trip” with my sister.  We went to Santa Fe and Taos and loved the sense of land, sense of architecture and sense of Spirit and sense of culture.  New Mexico is truly the Land of Enchantment.  Next my next photography blog will include additional images from our trip.  Enjoy! 

“The present San Geronimo, or St. Jerome, Chapel was completed in 1850 to replace the original church which was destroyed in the War with Mexico by the U.S. Army in 1847. That church, the ruins still evident on the west side of the village, was first built in 1619. It was then destroyed in the Spanish Revolt of 1680 but soon rebuilt on the same site. St. Jerome is the patron saint of Taos Pueblo.
The Pueblo Indians are about 90% Catholic. Catholicism is practiced along with the ancient Indian religious rites which are an important part of Taos Pueblo life. The Pueblo religion is very complex; however, there is no conflict with the Catholic church, as evidenced by the prominent presence of both church and kiva in the village.”   ~~~   adapted from the Taos Pueblo website


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“Sanctuary de Chimayo”



“The compound maintained by the Sons of the Holy Family contains two buildings of particular historical significance. The first is El Santuario de Chimayo, the tiny shrine that is built on the site of what many believe to be a miracle associated with the crucifix of “Nuestro SeƱor de Esquipulas” (Our Lord of Esquipulas).

El Santuario de Chimayo is also the site of “el pocito” the small pit of Holy Dirt which many people attribute as possessing remarkable curative powers…”


  “…It has been said that the discarded crutches, canes, braces, wheelchairs, and messages of thanksgiving that hang from the adobe walls in the prayer room are proof of the miracles of Chimayo. Still, while many people have left their crutches and walked away cured, the Church has never sought to officially confirm or deny any of the miracles…”   ~~~   from the Sanctuary de Chimayo website

Each year there is a walking holy pilgrimage to the Sanctuary de Chimayo at Easter.  

People walk from all over the state for days as part of this spiritual journey.  A visit here is both holy and reverent.

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