“An Intimate Look at the Bristlecone Pine”

I did my journey to Mt. Evans in the hopes of photographing wildlife.  However, to me, my greatest enjoyment during the trip was discovering and photographing the magnificent Bristlecone Pine (160 acres).  These remarkable trees are the oldest single-living organisms on earth – capable of living thousands of years.  They appear to be “living history” with their distinctive and unique markings as their artistic display of survival.  Wow!



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“The Enchanted Forest”

This scene looks like a landscape ready for a movie script!  The tree on the left of the featured image with “outstretched arms” is obviously the lead actor.   The leaning tree below has the role of “wise woman of the forest” in my imaginary script.

…And, the “talking tree” gets my vote for best supporting actor.  Can you see the face in the image?  

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