“Black and White”


Like most people, I started with black and white photography.  I developed my own film and printed my own black and white photographs in my make-shift darkroom.  Of course, Ansel Adams was my hero.  

Photography has evolved and a dark room is no longer necessary.  These images were created as color digital photographs.  I did a conversion of the colors to black, white and shades of grey with photoshop.  It was a great reminder of the contrast created with various tones and shadows in a photograph.  In a sense, the range of tones from black through the shades of grey to white are a collaboration – just like life.  Sometimes our beliefs are so strong that we can only see an issue in terms of black or white.  By not being open to perceive the tones of grey in an issue are missed opportunities for collaboration and negotiation.  So, I acknowledge the peacemakers who have the wisdom to honor the shades of contrast during conflict or difficult decision-making.

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