“Antelope Canyon”



Color, design and contrast represent these images from Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.  I amazed myself with the compositions created in these slot canyons as the canyons walls are dark within and it is difficult to visualize the nuances of detail unless you are looking at the light streaming through the tops.   The experience of creating these image compositions, for me,  was both spontaneous and intuitive.  I had to be present in the moment to capture the light, the shadow and the intricate detail all around me.  For those who enjoy photography tips… I exposed for the highlights of the image and then closed down in 1/3 stop increments to bracket several additional photographs to get the detail in the shadows.  My 2nd or 3rd exposure seemed to provide the best highlights and shadow details.  Exposures were long so I was using both a tripod and cable release for stability.

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