“An Intimate Look at the Bristlecone Pine”

I did my journey to Mt. Evans in the hopes of photographing wildlife.  However, to me, my greatest enjoyment during the trip was discovering and photographing the magnificent Bristlecone Pine (160 acres).  These remarkable trees are the oldest single-living organisms on earth – capable of living thousands of years.  They appear to be “living history” with their distinctive and unique markings as their artistic display of survival.  Wow!



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“The Enchanted Forest”

This scene looks like a landscape ready for a movie script!  The tree on the left of the featured image with “outstretched arms” is obviously the lead actor.   The leaning tree below has the role of “wise woman of the forest” in my imaginary script.

…And, the “talking tree” gets my vote for best supporting actor.  Can you see the face in the image?  

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“Shapes and Textures”

Sometimes the common and ordinary visuals around us can be extraordinary to behold.  The featured photograph for this post is a pool of water in Glacier National Park.  The rock-boulders below were found in Missoula, Montana.  Choose to really look around your world and enjoy the shapes and textures of your home, your town – the earth, life and living.



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“Stained Glass”

Stained glass can be an interesting photography exploration.  Elements of design can be captured with a brilliant dynamic range of color.  There is something truly holy and magnificent about stained glass windows.


“People are like stained-glass windows.

They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,

but when the darkness sets in,

their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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We are challenged every day with images all around us.  When we take the time to notice the canvas of life displayed by nature, we can shift our perspective to what is good and beautiful.  It can make us breathe and relax.  It can help us to set priorities.  Take a day and notice all life around you.  Notice if these perceptions create new perspectives.




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“Antelope Canyon”



Color, design and contrast represent these images from Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.  I amazed myself with the compositions created in these slot canyons as the canyons walls are dark within and it is difficult to visualize the nuances of detail unless you are looking at the light streaming through the tops.   The experience of creating these image compositions, for me,  was both spontaneous and intuitive.  I had to be present in the moment to capture the light, the shadow and the intricate detail all around me.  For those who enjoy photography tips… I exposed for the highlights of the image and then closed down in 1/3 stop increments to bracket several additional photographs to get the detail in the shadows.  My 2nd or 3rd exposure seemed to provide the best highlights and shadow details.  Exposures were long so I was using both a tripod and cable release for stability.

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“Light and Shadow”


Perception is a key element with photography.  One can pursue a unique level of creativity by accepting the challenge to create composition with shadows.  A viewer can then perceive the key element of composition with a personal interpretation based on experience.  The challenge is to really be present with the environment around you.

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“Elements of Design for Good Composition”

I love it when I can find a landscape with geometric design or elements of flowing patterns.  This landscape has both geometry and diagonal lines.   There is the shape of a triangle displayed by the landscape at the lower portion of the photograph and the series of trees form “3” distinct diagonal lines.   This photograph is simple and beautiful with a very pleasing composition. 

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“The Nature of Abstract Design”

Nature is amazing in its shape and design.  So, choose to look around your world to find different patterns, textures and designs.  The ordinary can easily become extraordinary.  If you challenge yourSelf to take a few minutes to “take in” your surroundings, life can make you smile with delight.  The above photograph is frozen water in my dog’s dish that I left outside one night during winter.  The below photograph is a group of tomatoes in a blue basket.  Both photographs are magical with their composition and design.  They are the nature of abstract design.

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