“Twenty-Four Hours”



These photographs were literally taken from my backyard in Lyons, CO.  The top image is sunset (the end of a day) and the bottom image is sunrise the next morning (the beginning of something new).  Yes, literally, as soon as I wake up, I am running and grabbing my camera – putting on my boots, hat and jacket – and running outside.  Both images are the light and beauty conveyed in a 24-hour cycle.  It is a reminder that we all have 24 hours each day of “choice.”  The timeframe is ours to behold, to cherish, to acknowledge, to live, to honor, to be… as we get the opportunity to choose and create the gifts of each day – 7 days a week.  

So, we are challenged to ask:   What is the focus of our days?  How often do we celebrate the good and beautiful in our days?  Yes, today is a new day and new attitudes, new choices await us.  What will be the “choices” of  your next 24-hour cycle?  Hopefully, we can all embrace time as an opportunity to have the “grace of gratitude” and enjoy the experience. 

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