“Service with a Smile…”

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After publishing the husky puppy photographs in recent posts, some friends asked for current photographs of my beloved Siberian Husky – Nikki.  Well, here she is with her beautiful smile to share with all of you.  She is my loyal companion and was really quite resilient during and after the September flood here in Lyons.  In fact, I can say that she has been extraordinary with a new change in her behavior.  As most know, we were displaced from our homes for two months.  Once we returned, everything was changed:  the landscape, homes and people’s lives.  It seems as though Nikki sensed the change in her town and stress for everyone here.  Consequently, she has created a new “job” for herself.  She wants to walk on Main Street every day and greets everyone that she approaches.  She looks at people, flashes her smile and then waits…  Of course, people are enamored with her beauty and immediately stop, compliment her and start to pet her.  Nikki cuddles with everyone that she meets and before the interaction is over, they are smiling too and I think Nikki realizes this as well.   It seems as though she has become one with her soul purpose to bring comfort and joy to the lives of others with the pure essence of her personality.  She is being compassionate, caring and a source of inspiration and peace even for a few moments in someone’s day.  My Nikki is a role model for service to humanity … and, she does it with a smile!


  1. Everyone needs a beautiful companion like Nikki! Happy 4th of July.

    • Yes, just like “Miss Kaylee” – your special gift!

  2. She looks beautiful! And I am so happy that she can make others happy just by being herself. What a blessing.

    • Part of her beauty is due to your great grooming skills – thanks, Mary Louise.

  3. Nikki is really a beautiful dog. My grandson has such a dog, named Cleo, but is spaded-no puppies. It would be nice to have some puppies. they are great dogs, and I know you truly enjoy her. laVern

    • Thanks for your beautiful compliment. Yes, I do truly enjoy my beloved Nikki.

  4. Sounds like Mackenzie and Nikki would be great friends! Mackenzie is the same way with people.

    • Yes, she is awesome. Loves people and loves children. Our “girls” are very special.

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