“Reservation Horses”

As one moves through Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, it is not uncommon to see reservation horses wandering in many remote areas.  The below image was actually taken from inside our jeep in the middle of the water.  Even though the image has many highlights, I still really like the atmosphere this photograph conveys – horses in a remote area all alone seemingly embraced by the canyon walls. 

 As we were photographing some of the reservation horses in Monument Valley (my featured photograph), one of the horses started to nibble on Bobbie’s ear.  Ultimately, the horse placed its chin on her shoulder and looked at the great beyond with Bobbie.  I could not resist including a “caption” with this photograph.  It is a treasure…


  1. Veronika,
    All the photos are amazing! My favorite is the one with the horses by the trees. I love the lighting in the photo.
    Thanks for sharing they are beautiful.

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