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What was happening when I took this photo?

We each have had humorous or challenging experiences with nature, weather, people or equipment during photographic adventures.  PeacemakersArt celebrates and honors the process of photography.  The end result of a beautiful photograph can sometimes have a great story.  I will start this forum with one of my favorite stories.

I was taking a course in Vermont many years ago.  We were doing close-up photography – mushrooms, little flowers, etc.  This was when I first started photography.  I did not have expensive equipment and was quite amazed with the high level of equipment other participants had with them.  Anyway, someone located a rare fungus that everyone wanted to photograph.  I had stopped to rest as my eyes felt a little strained from the close-up work.  A gentleman from California started to photograph the fungus and had difficulty with his tripod and asked if he could borrow mine.  I was so thrilled that anyone would want to use my inexpensive equipment that I rushed to give it to him and stepped on the rare fungus.  Of course, everyone was upset and I immediately became depressed.  People still wanted to photograph this gemstone and they propped it up and continued to work.  Phil, again, asked me for some help and I walked over to help him.  However, this time I decided to walk around a big tree to avoid stepping on or interfering in any way with the rare fungus which was now propped up for display.  I brushed against a tree with my shoulder and I guess the tree (approximately 25 feet high) was dead and the entire tree came crashing down toward Phil and his expensive camera – and, of course, the rare fungus.  There were many cries toward Phil to alert him of the danger as the tree came crashing down and landed right along side him and the camera.  Thankfully, he was not hurt.  Needless to say, I did not move for the remainder of the excursion.  However, Phil and I became great friends and for many years as people would ask how we met, we laughed as we told this story over and over.

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  1. What a joy to read about your first encounter with Phil that led to a long and exceptional friendship. I smiled when I read your account, and warmly recalled the loving and generous nature of Phil. I loved the humor and it is something Phil would always remember. JMC

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