1. I love your photography, Veronika. What an inspiration.

    Frank Nullet

    • Thank you so much, Frank. To say that my work is an inspiration is the highest complement. I hope that we get to do a photographic excursion again. It was so much fun.

  2. Awesome, extraordinary, terrific, most beautiful ever, overwhelmed, God bless Veronika for showing
    God’s planet in quiet moments of contemplation. Yes, Peace and blessings.
    Love, Margy

    • I could not ask for a better “evaluation.” Yes, I am just trying to capture God’s magnificence.

  3. Extraordinary! Love the ripple in the water:) The saying captures the magnificence and transformative nature of this picture! Just love it:)

    • Awesome! I loved the quote, too. I hope that you are having an amazing summer with your family.

  4. Hi Veronica: I have “New Beginnings” hanging in my office now… Love looking at it each morning as I start my busy work day.. I love the Helen Keller quote.. so true, as many doors open when we chose to be happy…and not stay focused on the closed door. Thank you for sharing.

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