“Mountain Goat Travels”

I observed only “one” mountain goat at the summit of Mt. Evans – 14,130 feet.  (By the way, this is not a drive for the “faint of heart.”  The drive is a challenge with no guard rails and an experience to navigate in the dark for sunrise.  However, the scenery is spectacular and worth the effort.)  

I watched the mountain goat as he/she ate.  Then it started to meander and jump on and up the rocks –  finally standing high above me in a very majestic pose.  This mountain goat was molting and shedding its heavy winter coat.


  1. I don’t know which picture to comment on ; they’re all Amazing! I shared them with my family.. such a joy to share! Love and hugs. How much are the mountain goat pics?

    • So great to hear from you. I will email you about the mountain goats.

  2. How convenient that this guy showed up for you. Love these and the sunrise. I enjoy them all. Thank you I always look forward to looking at your photos. Rhonda

    • Thank you so much, Rhoda. Such a joy to share to vision of the world.

  3. In the second Mountain Goat pic looks like a crown is Being worn.

  4. LOVE THESE Veronika, so much. How special to be gifted the company of the goats and what a beautiful goat on top of that!
    I just love looking at your photos. What a gift you have.

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