“Magical Moments”

Me and Maxme and max #2

I actually did not take this photograph as I am in it.  However, I could not resist posting this on my PeacemakersArt blog.  My friend’s dog “Max” has a habit of jumping onto the dog park fence to watch prairie dogs in the surrounding area in Boulder.  So, I started the habit of joining “Max” – shoulder to shoulder in a special bonding experience.  Actually, all of my doggie friends thought this site was hilarious and I am grateful to my friend, Stan, for capturing this magical momentAs Stan shared with me, I still have an inch or two on Max in height.  So, I am indeed grateful.  However, notice that my beloved Nikki did not have the same interest.  Enjoy!



  1. Max is a delight. Pleased to see you have a doggie friend who is a bit challenged in the height department. Love, Judy

  2. These pictures of you an Max are great! There is something “almost human” about Max watching the prairie dogs and Nikki is beautiful. We met you at the The Black Cat B&B in July and I have enjoyed perusing blog.

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