“Joy and Love”

I always need to practice macro photography as it is a specialty and achieving depth of field is a challenge.  So, I practice by photographing flowers in my neighbor’s gardens.  After a rainy day, the droplets were still present on these flowers and the sky was still overcast for perfect lighting.  I hope these images inspire you to photograph your own flowers and notice their depth, beauty and magnificent design.  “Joy” is a Goblin Blanket Flower.  “Love” is a rose.  Both of these are my tribute to  the painting style of Georgia O’Keeffe.


  1. I love Georgia O’Keefe, and yes you captured the feeling so perfectly.. I love the colors and the feel of these photos,, Goodness I may need to have another one for my therapy office and home… Thank you Veronika,, your talent is so appreciated… Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I agree that these photographs evoke pure joy and love.

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