I was photographing sunrise in the tundra at the Ute Trail a couple of weeks ago.  However, I met “5” bull elk and (needless to say) deferred the trail to them.  The intention of my photography changed from a scenic mountain sunrise to the journey of the elk.   They started to separate and several happened to wander in front of a shadowed area of the mountain.  The dark background of the shadows and the front lighting from the sunrise created a beautiful definition of these amazing creatures.  What a journey for both the animals and myself…



    • Yes they are. They are also very big. That is why I backed away and let them have the trail – a very good idea.

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate them.

  1. Well, I just love this,,, I can see the personality of the Elk… they seem to appreciate the day and know exactly where they are going. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful

    • The lighting just after sunrise and the shadow were perfect!

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