“In Loving Memory…Nikki, Essence of Love”

Nikki, Essence of Love

Sometimes nature photography can be about the nature of relationship.  With this photograph, I wish to acknowledge the relationship between myself and my beloved husky, Nikki.  Her recent passing is still a source of extreme grief for me as I feel that I have lost my child and best friend.  So, with deep love, I share the following tribute for my beloved companion:

To my kindred spirit, friend and loyal companion…

Your beauty amazes me.

Your courage inspires me.

Your journey here on earth provided love, healing, compassion and joy.

You have touched hearts, and live in hearts, forever.

We are one.  We are one.

Nikki, you are so loved.  


  1. Dear friend,
    Not only have I always admired your photography, I have also
    enjoyed your poetry which always speaks from the heart. I
    believe this one is beautiful in the love it expresses in your
    tribute to Nikki. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love, Judy.

  2. Your dear Nikki touched so many lives. We will never forget the day we met at the dog park that morning when you first moved to Lyons…and every day thereafter. The way Nikki would run to great us…knowing we had a stash of her favorite treats…just for her. The softness of her fur. How we all became a “pack”. Some things are just meant to be..and we know our paths were meant to cross. She may have left this physical world, but rest assured, dear Veronika, we hold Nikki close in our hearts, where she will live forever, until we all meet again. We miss you beloved Nikki and hope you will wait for us, until we all enter heaven, through the doggie door.

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