“Husky Joy”


We love our loyal companions.  My Nikki, the lead dog, smiles when she runs and plays.  It is always a reminder for me to be more playful and joyful in my life for my blessings and the beauty around me.

Check out the below video — “Husky Play” — My Nikki and her friend, Wylie, playing their version of Hide and Seek.


    • No – this time Nikki was claiming the igloo. This was so much fun…

  1. What can I say…. I love this.. I always feel relaxed watching dogs play and communicate. Nikki and her friend are having such a good time, so fun to watch.. thank you for sharing

  2. The top one is my favorite — you were able to capture their energy — but still produced a “portrait quality” image of them (lovely)

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