“Hunt’s Mesa”

Ok, I will admit that I it was “peer pressure” from my  group of photo friends that convinced me to do this overnight excursion to Hunt’s Mesa.  It was a two hour 4-wheel drive by our Navajo Indian guide into the back country that did have me holding my rosary beads.  We camped overnight and had  both an opportunity to photograph sunset and sunrise on top of the mesa overlooking Monument Valley.  Obviously, this was a good experience with peer pressure.


  1. So glad they talked you into going! Beautiful pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and the narrative to accompany them was great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Veronika, for showing me things I would never see from perspectives I would never have, through your lenses and by your skills.

    • Wow! Thank you so much, Pat. I am overwhelmed by your comment.

  3. Hi Veronika: What a great trip, great pictures..Thanks..Know you had a great time! LaVern

    • It was awesome, LaVern — and, yes, I had a terrific time.

  4. Hi Veronika,
    The rock formations are beautiful, but the lighting you captured, both at sunrise and sunset, is magnificent. White Pocket is a treasure, a photographer’s dream. I particularly loved the rock striations and colors. Excellent macro shots… We don’t use this lens often enough. Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments. Judy

    • I always appreciate your very thoughtful comments, Judy!

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