“Hummingbird Jamboree #1”

 Hummingbird #1

I had the opportunity to photograph hummingbirds for the first time.  It certainly was a challenge, however, I am satisfied with some results.  Here is a series of my 3 favorite hummingbird photographs.  I used the Shutter Priority mode of my camera and my highest shutter speed possible to try to capture the wings in flight.  I also adjusted my ISO to 1,ooo as it was an overcast day.  I hope that you enjoy the series.



  1. V-
    Your new photos are spectacular! We get a few hummingbirds here- you did capture them perfectly.
    Love the other photos it has been a while since I checked the blog- nice job!!!
    love the one w/ you and precious Nikki-

  2. Veronika,
    Another beautiful photo; I love the fact that you continually challenge yourself photographically. Certainly not the easiest subject to capture.. I love it and it is quite an addition to your exceptional nature photography. Take care my friend..Judy

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