The Tundra Communities Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park is over 12,000 feet high – a humbling experience to walk with your camera gear.  However, the unusual rock formations (including the Mushroom Rocks above) on the alpine tundra landscape have always reminded me of qualities of character that support resilience, courage and faith.  Each time I experience this tundra area, I also experience hope for humanity.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  ~~ Helen Keller


  1. I think I need this photo too, seriously, I love the moon shot looking over the tundra.. gives a feeling of true hope as you mentioned. So beautiful.. I take a deep breath as I experience this visually through your photos..

    • I truly believe that photography has a healing potential. So, I am pleased it this image can help your healing.

  2. The lighting on the mushroom rocks is a moment in time. Beautiful! I so well remember walking along the Tundra, camera gear and all. It brings back such wonderful memories. Take care, Judy

    • Yes, we have great photography memories. I hope that you can come out to visit again.

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