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The images in this Fine Art Prints Gallery are available as Float Plaqs with Satin Prints as well as Fine Art Professional Ink-Jet Prints. 

Please see description and pricing information below.

"Fall Celebration" Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

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 Float Plaq with Satin Print

Dura Plaq Float Plaq with Satin Print –  product information:  A DuraPlaq Float Plaq is a finished satin print that is mounted on premium eco-friendly wood.  Dura Plaqs create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork.  Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8″ thick surface and finished with a black beveled edge.  Surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork while maintaining UV protection (shielding it against fading and deterioration) and moisture resistance.  Your PEACEMAKERSART order will be created at the “DuraPlaq” company located in Mead, CO, and shipped directly to your home.  Orders usually take 5-7 business days to process before shipping.  Standard PEACEMAKERSART Float Plaq Print orders are the following:  Satin Print on Standard Float Plaq with black bevel edge.  There is a French wooden cleat provided for hanging as well as a wire hanger.

1) DuraPlaq  STANDARD FLOAT PLAQ with SATIN PRINT SIZES and PRICING:   Shipping cost to be added plus tax where applicable.

    • 10×15″ –  $120
    • 16×24″ –  $325
    • 20×30″ –  $495
    • 24×36″ –  $695
    • 10×10″ – $95 …  10×10 inch size is available for the following (4) wildflower images:  Blanket Flower, Columbine, Stonecrop, Aspen Daisy.  Cost is $95 for each 10×10″ wildflower image.

The following images have limitations to the largest size available:  “Dream Lake,” “Rock Cut Milky Way” and  “Tender Moment” ~ largest size available is 16×24 inches for printing.  Also,  “Mother and Child” largest size available is 20×30 inches for printing.  In addition, “Fall Celebration” is available as a DuraPlaq sized 15×30 inches @ $375.  Please call to verify sizes and pricing at any time.

2) Pricing is also available for optional Standard Black FRAME for a Standard Float Plaq.  Please see image below.

Fine Art Professional  Ink-Jet Prints

 Fine Art Professional Ink-Jet Prints – product information:

  • Museum quality and archival
  • Choice of:  Satin Paper; Metallic Paper; Canvas Paper
  • Customer has choice of leaving white border for matting or printing edge to edge

FINE ART PROFESSIONAL INK-JET PRINT SIZES and PRICING:  Shipping cost to be added plus tax where applicable.

    • 10×15″ –  $75
    • 16×24″ –  $185
    • 20×30″ –  $290
    • 24×36″ –  $395

Larger sizes are only available for the following images:  Bear Lake Sunrise, Columbine, Inspiration, Mother and Child, Longs Peak Sunrise, River Rocks and Aspen Leaves.  Please call for sizes and pricing if interested.

Samples:  DuraPlaq Float Plaq with Satin Prints…