“Friendship Adventure”



I just finished a wonderful week with friends who traveled from Connecticut and Oklahoma to experience my beloved Rocky Mountains.  We had quite the adventure hiking and being in the mountains together.  However, the highlight was probably getting up at 3:30 a.m. to get to the tundra area of Rocky Mountain National Park – over 12,0000 feet high – for sunrise.  We trekked up the path to the Rock Cut area and were humbled by the altitude and the blessings of our environment.  Yet, we were at peace together for the beginning of a new day.  We held hands and prayed for the earth, our families and our country and were amazed by the beauty around us.  Yes, sometimes friendship can be a life adventure together and I wish this experience for all.  Be with your friends, enjoy your friends and most of all –  love your friends and the people in your world.

(I have not used the self-timer on my camera in years.  However, it certainly was a handy tool for this sunrise experience.)


  1. Beautiful Veronika

    The blessings of friendship and honoring your time together.. Thank you for sharing.. It must have been a most wonderful time and getting to the tundra and getting up at 3:30 am to me is amazing.. An experience you all will be able to remember and share for years. Of course always love the photos.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to friendship as well as an amazing feat trekking.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Bless you~

  3. Thank you Veronika for the most memorable week ever! I have always been blessed with your friendship and
    sisterhood which has now been taken to new heights! 12,000 feet to be exact! You are now my “sole” sister forever.
    Thank you for sharing your beloved mountains. I will have them in my mind and heart forever.
    Lee was the icing on the cake this week! Sisters of the Traveling Pants. We travel well together. 🙂

    • I loved every minute of the visit – the quest – the adventure. Yes, Sisters of the Traveling Pants forever…

  4. Veronika,
    What a beautiful photo and especially wonderful comment about friendship!
    How true and how very important to experience the moment and take in all the beauty surrounding us!
    You are one of a kind and continue to amaze me. You are an inspiration to all of us. It always seems like we are just next door ( not miles and miles away!!) love you!! Xo

    • True friendship is beautiful – natural – and resonates on a soul level. This connection is spiritual and timeless.

  5. As a participant in this moment, I can honestly say it was moving and a lovely – and loving. It was such an honor to experience this outing with my beloved friends.

  6. Be still my heart. Friends….. priceless. The mountains…..stunning as ever.

    • Hope you can visit again – soon. I know that you love it here.

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