1. Love the flower photos, it has been awhile since I can go through blogs on my email due to my work schedules and all. I did want to comment though as I visited the art on the green in Lyons and as much as I always enjoy the artists and all the work I see and some beautiful creations , I did not see photographs that are as truly moving to me as yours are. Why were you not at the art on the green in Lyons. Just a thought and a comment. I am happy to see art honored in Lyons though wanted to see more Lyons artists as I feel Lyons has the cream of the crop,

    • Hi Jackie,
      I so appreciate your admiration of my photography – appreciation is such a great compliment. I have just been too busy to organize another show at this time. Most of my efforts are going into the Aspen & Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park. To good news is that my work is selling well there. Who knows? Maybe in the future I will be able to create another local show. Until then, I can only say “thank you” for your appreciation of my vision of the world.

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