“Fireworks and Small-town America”

I live in a small town – Lyons, Colorado.  Each year there is a Parade of Lights before Christmas followed by fireworks.  Why fireworks in December you might ask?  Well, this area is so dry that it is the best time of year concerning safety.  The “parade” is quite the small-town America experience.  I had a big smile on my face as I watched the band directors leading their marching bands with all musicians, including the Director, wearing blinking Holiday lights around their necks.  I watched pick-up trucks drive by with lighted Christmas trees in the back and dogs with glowing Santa hats peeking out the passenger windows.  Floats carried gleeful children, an electric car carried a teenager pretending to surf, the American flag was carried with pride and everyone cheered.  This definitely reflected a true holiday spirit of joy and community.  As an ending, the festive parade was followed by a great display of fireworks.


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