This is beautiful Mt. Crested Butte after a storm and there is something very etheric and spiritual about this image.  The brilliant light appears in the sky as the rainbow fades.  Light, cresting the top of the mountain, beckons our attention.  The wildflowers sparkle after their evening bath as their colors display a more saturated deep hue.  The entire visual seems to convey  the divine and divinity.  Each day is not always  sunny and a storm does brings new light and glory.  It is like life.  Each day may have its challenges, however, each experience brings forth a new depth to our character.  Many years ago, I wrote:  “When we accept the rain in our life as growth, we are sure to see a quiet development of our character.”  I think these words are still true today.  I acknowledge all those who face the storms of life with courage and, as a result, become better people.  Your new-found courage allows you to reflect the light of  your brilliant personality and convey a deep conviction for your truth.  I honor you all…


  1. Gorgeous. Feels like the landscape is in motion. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

    • I so appreciate your feedback and commitment to notice and feel the beauty around us in nature.

  2. I suppose many people live and die without ever noticing the beauty of God’s creation.
    Not true of you, not in the least. And then, you expose it to us without fanfare and without obligation . So, I thank you for the experiences you provided me. Every photograph is like a prayer of thanksgiving, in itself. Only thing is, Heaven will have to look pretty good to beat your images. Lovingly, Joanne.

  3. Light is everything! Love how you captured the gradations-the mountaintop proclaims its presence -Love it!

    • What a terrific statement: …”the mountaintop proclaims its presence…”

  4. Wow!! I am speechless.
    I opened the site as I am having a cup of coffee, alone in my favorite chair. I looked at every picture in detail and read all her lines and I looked again. What a gift this fine lady has…
    Thank you for sharing her amazing work with us.
    I had a wonderful moment to start the week.
    I wish I can hold on to the feeling forever….
    Mucho Love,

    • Thanks, Carol Ann, for passing along this wonderful comment from your friend.

  5. Gasp! These photographs are exceptionally gorgeous –
    taken with a lot of love for the beauty God has given us!

    #One Fan

    • We are both #1 fans of each other, Margy. Thanks for being in my world.

  6. Perfect capture of one my “magical places”. When I see you next I will share a personal story about the Butte.

  7. When I visit your blog, I believe I have found my most favorite photograph. This one, however, will always be top of the list. The lighting is remarkable; the golden flowers capture your eye and carry you to the magnificent mountains and sky. What a moment in time you have saved for all of us to enjoy. Well done, my friend. Judy

    • Since you are such an avid photographer, your comments mean a lot to me, Judy. Thanks.

  8. Yes, your comments touch the “flood survivors.” Seeing nature’s positive, bright, hopeful side is a healing.

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