sunrise in lyons

I am a former teacher and, due to Facebook and other avenues of networking, several students from many years past have contacted me recently.  I have been overwhelmed with their comments and memories of our experiences together.  The teaching profession is not one for immediate gratification.  Teachers give of themselves entirely in the hopes of inspiring just one student to achieve potential.  Most teachers complete their tenure never really knowing the impact of lives touched.  So, I offer this image as dedication to all teachers and to my students who have recently renewed contact.  Thank you so much.  I am so proud of all of you and I celebrate all of you with a new day of beauty.  My wish is true health and happiness and I send you my special love.



  1. Thank You so much for “Dedication…”
    Your dedication to the teaching profession, the teachers, the students, your photography and so much much more will never be forgotten. The dedication to living your life and touching those around you in such a peaceful way is as inspiring as your art. I am only glad that I have been given the oportunity to express to you so many years later that your spirit has had a deep and beautiful impact on my life. This truly is
    “a new and beautiful day” now that I have found you, I feel like you are part of me once again.
    Love Peace & Happiness.

  2. Your dedication to all of your students was a gift that laid the foundation for us to recognize our dreams, goals and paths in life. It became even more profound when combined with that particular stage of development of our young souls and minds.

    I believe that it also connected us in a way that spans time and enabled us to reacquaint with each other after so many years.

    Thank you for setting the stage and giving us the courage to try new things, the value of recognizing the importance of teamwork and the knowledge that each one of us as an individual was and is unique and special.

    I know that my experience shaped the path I took in life and I am forever grateful.

  3. I think this one is my favorite! Meg and I have been to Garden of the Gods- Ray’s daughter got married there last year- and I think to those cave dwellings. You have quite a blog going here!

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