“Columbine Trilogy”


_DSC8406_lighter-copy     _DSC8632-copy

Macro photography is one of my favorite types of photography.  I love to see and feel the complex design and shapes of flowers.  I love to feel intimate with the landscape.  Also, macro photography involves a lot of patience waiting for the wind to be still as many of these photographs require exposures of 1 second or longer.  I used a 60 mm macro lens for these columbine images and two of them were photographed immediately following an afternoon rain.  So, the raindrops were still visible and clinging to their newly-chosen home.  Please check out my “New Images Gallery” to see more columbine that were photographed during this photo excursion.  The key to good composition with macro photography is creating a background that is not distracting to the main flower.  So, be aware of depth of field and intentionally create blur in the background with camera settings.  Also, getting key elements of the flower in focus (for example:  pistil, petal and raindrop in the featured photograph) creates the “wow” factor.


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