“Reservation Horses”

As one moves through Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, it is not uncommon to see reservation horses wandering in many remote areas.  The below image was actually taken from inside our jeep in the middle of the water.  Even though the image has many highlights, I still really like the atmosphere this photograph conveys – horses in a remote area all alone seemingly embraced by the canyon walls. 

 As we were photographing some of the reservation horses in Monument Valley (my featured photograph), one of the horses started to nibble on Bobbie’s ear.  Ultimately, the horse placed its chin on her shoulder and looked at the great beyond with Bobbie.  I could not resist including a “caption” with this photograph.  It is a treasure…

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“The Great Trickster”

Coyote is known as the great trickster and cultural hero of Native American mythology.  Coyotes are also noted for their crafty intelligence and many native cultures call the coyote “Medicine Dog.”  Ina Woolcott describes coyote symbolism as the following:  

“When we are being too serious about life, Coyote may appear to teach us to laugh at ourselves and life’s ironies. Be prepared for your sense of humor to arise in full force in line with what is happening around you and to you…

…The Coyote teaches how wisdom and folly go together. In other’s mistakes we see our own foolishness and can learn from their mistakes…

…Coyote’s howl touches your soul, reminding you of your primal connections…”

I spotted this coyote recently in Rocky Mountain National Park.  At first, it was hiding behind some brush and almost invisible.  I felt honored that my presence was accepted as the coyote eventually moved out into open space before walking to a new location up and over a hill.  I had a few moments of being in a respectful space with this wonderful animal – very cool indeed.




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“Husky Joy”


We love our loyal companions.  My Nikki, the lead dog, smiles when she runs and plays.  It is always a reminder for me to be more playful and joyful in my life for my blessings and the beauty around me.

Check out the below video — “Husky Play” — My Nikki and her friend, Wylie, playing their version of Hide and Seek.

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I was photographing sunrise in the tundra at the Ute Trail a couple of weeks ago.  However, I met “5” bull elk and (needless to say) deferred the trail to them.  The intention of my photography changed from a scenic mountain sunrise to the journey of the elk.   They started to separate and several happened to wander in front of a shadowed area of the mountain.  The dark background of the shadows and the front lighting from the sunrise created a beautiful definition of these amazing creatures.  What a journey for both the animals and myself…


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“Chasing Bubbles”

Remember the husky puppies?  Well, here are two of them at age 6 months.  “Zane” is chasing bubbles and is quite delighted with himself with each capture in his mouth.  When he chases bubbles, he jumps, he leaps and is quite agile.  In the below  photograph, it is quite noticeable that he looks very much like my beloved Nikki – a red/white husky with amber color eyes.  His brother, “Wiley,” is below and has distinct speckled coloring around his eyes.  Both “boys”  are so middle school in nature:  lots of energy, constant running and very rambunctious.  _DSC9427


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