“Lupine Landscape”

_DSC8321-copy     _DSC8311

 Elements of good photographic composition include a combination of shapes, lines, balance and repetition of design.  These photographs were taken early morning, immediately after sunrise, and have nice compositional elements.  There are matching crescent shaped upward and downward arcs (as many as 3 in one photograph) with the beautiful lupine and mountains and sky.  Also, I used hyper-focal distance focusing with my wide angle lens to get both the flowers and distant mountains in focus.  There is a free App that you can download onto your phone ipone.dofmaster.com that you may find  helpful with this technique.  You just dial in your camera type, lens (multiply a digital lens by a factor of 1.5) and f-16 to determine the distance your camera needs to be set from the foreground and the hyper-focal distance on your camera lens.  For example, I was using a 17 mm wide angle lens and multiplied it by 1.5 to get a 25 mm lens setting for my calculations.  Sounds complicated?  Well, it is until you practice it.  Also, once you determine your numbers/settings, they are always the same for your specific wide angle lens.  Hyper-focal distance is worth studying and it is a great technique for placing wildflowers as a foreground center of attention in photographs.  I want to thank Raynor Czerwinski, a photographer in Crested Butte, who helped me to learn the technique.  Check out his website at www.lucidlandscape.com and, if you are ever in Crested Butte, it is worth it to take photography lessons with him.  He is a good instructor and knows his craft well.

In the previous post titled “Divinity,” there are two very nice compositional elements and I challenge you to find them.  There are two triangles in the green  landscape – one on the left that is light green and one on the right that is a darker green.  Also, the lighting on the mountain matches the triangle shapes and adds repetition of design.  Enjoy!



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