Biography – H. Veronika Gaia
Nature Photographer –

I am  a former middle school teacher who completed a 36-year tenure in Connecticut.  Over the years, I  developed a self esteem curriculum which is titled “Gold Medal for Life.”  I have also created and directed a successful community service program for both middle school and high school students for seventeen years.  I am also a writer and nature photographer and I acquired my photographic skills throughout my professional career as a teacher.  Exhibitions of my photography have appeared at the Kellogg Environmental Center in Derby, CT, the Saintoge Gallery in Missoula, MT, the Monroe Public Library in Monroe, CT, and The Good News Café in Woodbury, CT.  I moved to Lyons, CO, in July 2007.  My photography art work has been displayed and sold in many locations in both Lyons and Longmont, CO, during the last several years.  Currently my photography is displayed and sold at the Aspen & Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park, CO.

“I believe that photography reflects perception.  My created images are intuitive responses to observed moments in life.  The elements of the canvas are light and shadow that guarantee constant change and opportunities missed or captured.  Photographers are always chasing the light, yet the photographic vision and process can also be a metaphor for life.  Ultimately, the experience of a lens-eye view through the camera has taught me a way to process life.  When I am creating  photographic composition, I ask the question:   ‘What am I choosing to focus on?’  When I look away from the camera and ask the same question, I realize that I have found a tool for self-awareness, a catalyst for personal change and a way to balance my life.”