Amazing Story

Many GlacierThis photograph looks beautiful and serene, however, there is an amazing story connected with this image. A few years ago, I was participating in a nature photography course at Glacier National Park in Montana. We were doing a sunrise photography shoot by a river at Many Glacier. We were standing on a bridge photographing the river and it was extremely windy. The gentleman next to me left his tripod and camera for a few seconds to check on something and the wind blew his camera and tripod over the bridge and down toward the river. As it was happening, I had just looked up from my camera and saw his tripod and camera over the bridge and rapidly descending toward the river. I leaped forward (stretching over the bridge) and somehow managed to “catch” the leg of his tripod and save both his camera and tripod while still managing (somehow) to hold my camera and tripod steady in the wind. It was an amazing catch and, of course, Larry was extremely grateful and bought me a beautiful book about Glacier National Park as a thank you. Sometimes the name PeacemakersArt can be deceiving as there may be a lot of excitement, energy and action connected with the experience of creating the images.


  1. I loved this story. I can picture your quick response and great balance as you juggle both cameras. 🙂 Thank you for adding your personal story to a magnificent picture.

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