“Acts of Kindness”

I recently read that teachers in Connecticut schools are asking their students to do “26” acts of kindness during the month of December.  This is a beautiful tribute to the innocent children and teachers who lost their lives during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, CT.  Tomorrow (December 14th, 2015) is the third anniversary of the infamous day that shocked us all as a nation.  The season of grief for this event is still not over.  Yet, we are to acknowledge the parents, family members and teachers who pursue change in our society as the Sandy Hook Promise and change in our culture of kindness as a legacy of their beloved.    

As new playgrounds are built in the state of Connecticut, they are being named after the children and teachers who lost their lives during this tragedy.  I visited one in Watertown last June and it was a very moving and emotional experience.  I could not help but feel ache in my heart and can only imagine the loss, the sadness and grief that still exists in the community of Newtown every day.

To all the Sandy Hook Elementary school children and teachers that are not with us December 14th, 2015 – please know that we honor you all and we will never forget the gift and contribution of your lives.



  1. Beautiful, endearing, and heartfelt. thank you Veronika for your photo and tribute. Though it is a spiritual time of year , it is a sad time with so many losses and your photos are a glorious reminder of beauty and soul. Yes, to honor those lives that have been lost so tragically, to remember them with kindness and beauty is a great gift to offer. I remember and offer a prayer.

    • This is an event that I hope we never forget. Yes, we offer our prayers for the families who are left with such incredible loss for their lifetime.

  2. Veronika, Both of your photos are beautiful. Maybe one can be in the new Sandy Hook Elementary School. Holly

    • What a great thought! If you know anyone to contact, let me know.

    • Thank you, Ellen! Your comment means a lot to me.

  3. Thank you for bringing to our attention the “acts of kindness” that are being done at Sandy Hook Elemen./town. We are like the trees in your photo — all look alike, at first glance, …but more importantly, if we stand together, we can create an even more beautiful image of a supportive family.

    • Thank you for passing it along. Yes, community is common unity.

  4. Veronica, your acts of kindness are a beautiful tribute. I hope they use it in the re school. It is so you to do this and I know it will be heartfelt. We will never forget that day and the children and teachers from Sandy Hook. God Bless.

    • I know that I will never forget the children and teachers who lost their lives during the Newtown tragedy. Thank you for acknowledging my photographic tribute.

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