“Action Photography”

 action - Nikki

When photographing action, try using a high shutter speed- 1/250 second or higher.  This will automatically mean that you will be using a lower f-stop and less depth of field.  If you are hand-holding your camera, your background will probably be “soft and slightly out of focus” to highlight your subject.  However, it depends on how much “light” you have as you are photographing.  This action shot of Nikki was taken during a very bright day with lots of white snow at 1/2,000 second shutter speed.  However, the entire scene looks fairly crisp.  Enjoy!



  1. Amazing shot of Ms. Nikki, Veronika! It captures power and softness, joy, determination and focus all in one photo. Nice!

  2. The Blog photos are excellent. The action shots superb. You have accomplished some excellent objectives, I’m sure.
    The shots of Nikki are better than excellent and I admire your photographic skills in getting the superb action shots. As I looked at the shots of Nikki I had to admire the beauty of the dog and conclude that Nikki is definitely one of the prettiest dogs that I have ever seen. Thanks for sending the photos.

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