“A New School Year”

As most of you know, I am a retired teacher.  However, I have learned that teachers never really retire.  They just evolve to another level of service and use their organizational skills for community and to improve the lives of others.  Yes, it is a great profession.  And, a teacher always lives by the calendar of the school year.  So September, to me, still means school.

It is the beginning of the 2014 school year and I wanted to acknowledge all teachers and the teaching profession as you begin a new school year.   You have one of the most difficult jobs and yet one of the most fulfilling jobs.  The lives that you touch are the potential for the future of humanity.  Unfortunately, teachers do not have immediate gratification to know how many lives they will affect.  Sometimes, years later, you may reconnect or get invited to a wedding of a former student and you then realize:  “Wow!  I really did make a difference.”

This photograph was taken at Rock Cut in the tundra at Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is almost 12,000 feet at this location and it is an uphill trek.  Hiking uphill at this elevation with all my photography equipment trying to get in place to photograph sunrise was exhausting and a challenge – just like teaching.  The experience was a little frantic and timing was critical – just like teaching.  Even though I was prepared, I still had to be prepared for the unexpected – just like teaching.  The clouds tried to resist the brilliant knowledge of a new day – just like teaching.  In the end, the effort, the challenge and participating in the process of another day created was all worth it – just like teaching.  Therefore, I hope this image inspires your efforts throughout the year.

Good luck to all teachers during this new school year and may you all stay safe.


  1. You made a difference to your students and now your photography makes a difference to the rest of us. What an inspiring vision.

    • Your comments are always so thoughtful and very much appreciated.

  2. Stunning! Both the image and the words. You’re a poet. I shall share this with my daughters, both of whom walk into classrooms every day, planning. Hoping, trying, and trying again to make that positive difference you speak of so eloquently. To teach. Thank you.

    • Yes, please pass this along to any teacher. Also, thank you for your kind words, Dawn.

  3. The analogy was so insightful and the photograph truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing and for supporting all teachers. xo

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