“A New Day…”

As we recover from the flood in Lyons, CO, I try to find beauty in each new day.  Sometimes the beauty is in the acts of kindness that I have the privilege to witness.  Volunteers still work each and every day.  It is not uncommon to see many planting trees or spreading grass seed to foster native grass growth in the areas impacted by the flood.  Last week, there was a crew of women from the local jail doing their supervised service work.  They were sweeping the sides of roads with brooms and I became teary-eyed observing the integrity of their actions.  I shared with their supervisor how grateful I was for their diligence and she asked me to share my thoughts with the young women.  As I expressed gratitude from my heart for their service, they began to cry.  They had no idea how their actions were lifting community spirits so much and were so grateful to hear my words.  The time it took for this interaction changed my life and I know that it changed theirs as well.  Each new day is an opportunity filled with choices and moments of gratitude can be transformative.


  1. This is very heart rendering. Yes, so many people and organizations from near and far have helped on the flood here in Lyons. We are all forever grateful. it is wonderful these ladies from no doubt the Boulder County jail came to help. Wow. That is something! God Bless you all! laVern Johnson

    • This situation really moved me deeply and I am glad that you could appreciate it too. That means a lot to me.

  2. Extremely moving photograph. You are a force of nature and continue to deepen your sight. Thank you for your work.

    • I appreciate hearing that my work is getting better as photography is my passion and a way to express mySelf in the world.

  3. Dearest Veronika. As always, your kindness to others knows no bounds. Just taking a moment to acknowledge those women and their work, could be life changing for them. We all need to have our worth validated with kindness. You are forever reaching out to others. Those women will always remember that moment and your words. Thank you for sharing your encounter. Its the small things…
    With love from one of your Sisters. xoxo

    • I think acts of kindness are the key to experiencing true love in life. Thanks, Joanny – one of my Sisters of the Traveling Pants.

  4. Hi Veronika: As always I love your photographs. This New Day one and your expression of gratitude to our volunteers is beautiful. I feel we have been truly transformed in our community because of this outpouring of gratitude and respect. Thank you for sharing your photos and your insights. All of them are exceptional.

  5. Yes, the flood experience is helping us to recognize the dignity of humanity.

  6. It is always the mountains and the magnificent lighting that brings us such a joy… You have captured such a moment …Keep up all that is in within your spirit. Much love, my friend… Judy

    • Thanks, Judy. I love sunrise in the Rocky Mountains. It is such a spiritual experience for me.

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